Art @ Castello die Panzano

Castello 1986
Evi and Rodolvo during painting
Stone Madonna

The Tuscany, with its beautiful hills, has always been a magical appealing place for artists. That was also the case for Evi Fersterer. In 1985 she travelled with her husband to Tuscany and was looking for a small studio where she could do her painting. As her religion had an essential role in her live, it was important for her to find a studio next to a church or a cloister. After an unavailing search, they arrived in Panzano on their last day.

It must have been destiny, that the waiter of the hotel where they stayed in, recommended them the property agent of Panzano. There was a small tower next to a beautiful church for sale. This tower was exactly what Evi was looking for and she signed the contract on the same day.

A year later the Castle was up for sale. The owner spoke to her husband asking him if he wants to buy it as it otherwise would get converted into a hotel. Finally they came to the decision to buy the castle. The whole family had many of beautiful summers in Panzano after. To make sure that Evi had enough time for her painting; her husband took care of the renovation of the castle.

Terzabi Rodolvo who found his passion for painting through Evi, picked her up every afternoon so that they could capture the landscape. During this time she created a remarkable amount of art images of Tuscany. She developed a new style in Panzano. Like the wooden blocks in Saalbach, it was large Vase paintings for Italy, which now where shown in the reception room. Evi also started sculpting. She carved a portrait of son Seppi in marble and an oversized stone Madonna which stands in the Castle Park.

In autumn 2003 her beloved husband died. It was a big shock and it went very quiet around Evi. After a hard winter in Saalbach, where guests and friends helped her with her grief, she returned to her beloved Panzano. She drew the grief into her pictures which made the pain more bearable. The paintings changed.  She ventured into abstraction, the colours of Tuscany began to abstract and unify there different styles of painting.
Evi spends her summer every year in Panzano, now as then she takes her friends out into the countryside in order to fulfil their passion for painting.