Castello di Panzano

Castello di Panzano

Panzano is a small village in the heart of Chianti. It is picturesquely suited over the vine yards and olive groves of Tuscany. The castle with its great tower and the Church Santa Maria with its bell tower can’t miss out on attention as it stands above the village.

Beyond the castle the “Steineichenpark” is located. The trees have been part of the natural wonders of Tuscany several times and experienced lots of lightening.  The resulting burn holes where sealed and a work of art was created.

The castle is surrounded by a high castle wall, which makes it impossible to enter it. Unless you find the castle gate open, in this case you can have a little glance at the courtyard. In there the main building with its reception room is located. The great tower stands high over Panzano and contains the art works of Evi Fersterer and in its old cellar the famous Sole Rosso and the olive oil Terra Rossa is getting produced.

Turm von Panzano

Weingut Panzano, Josef Fersterer
Via Castellana 23, 50022 Panzano in Chanti - Italy