I will show you the red sun

Sole Rosso

After a long wait, the first Sole Rosso of Castlello Panzano will be ready for sale in 2012. So far, only a few friends of the house were able to enjoy it. The Sole Rosso, made from 100% Sangiovese grapes, has been resting in the vaults of Castello since 2008. He is maturing and is waiting for its cue.

The long storage in various barrels, from chestnut to oak and the secret method of pressing are giving this wine its unique flavour. Therefore it is very different from other wines of this area. It will be a complete work of art, from the wine up to the label “I will show you the red sun”. Expected launch is the end of August, only a limited quantity of 500 bottles will be filled.

As of now you can pre-order the Sole Rosso and gain yourself a very special drop.

Weingut Panzano, Josef Fersterer
Via Castellana 23, 50022 Panzano in Chanti - Italy
E-Mail: info@castello-panzano.it