Terra Rossa

Terra Rossa

That’s how the olive oil from he Castello di Panzano is called.

The olive trees are growing on a hill not far from the castle. Both the vineyard and the olive groves are subject of the biological cultivation. Also here, we consistently make sure that only the smallest amount of pesticides possible is used.

The olive trees are a big challenge, as the trees don’t forgive anything. It can happen that the “spirit of Tuscany” provides a dry period and the yield goes down completely. The olives are harvested by hand. Large linen cloths are getting laid down around the tree and the olives are combed of the tree using a type of rake.  Before it goes into the oil mill, everything what could affect the taste is getting sorted out.

The compressed oil goes into the cellar of the castle where Sepp Festerer himself takes care of the olive oil Also here Sepp has developed his own process to bring out the special taste.

In the cellar vaults it then matures under special conditions until it deserves the name Terra Rossa.

It will still take a while until the Terra Rossa will be available.

Weingut Panzano, Josef Fersterer
Via Castellana 23, 50022 Panzano in Chanti - Italy
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