The Vineyard Castello di Panzano

The foundation of the vineyard was laid by Josef Fersterer. He bought it in 1985. At this time, the yard was in a bad state as the previous owner had now interest in wine. After hard refurbishment work of the entire castle he managed to get the vineyard and its cellar up and running.

In the first place he produced the “Sollo Rosso” for the “Hinterhag Alp”. Only guest of the “Hauben Restaurant” where able to enjoy this very popular vine. Already from a young age on, his son Sepp joined him and learned everything of him. His destiny was fulfilled in 2003 and Josef Fersterer died. It was a prolonged grief and the vineyard remained untouched for several years. His son Sepp then decided to take the winery over and introduced some new methods.

The wine was already part of organic farming within his father’s time. Now everything was getting further refined.  Which of course wasn’t simple, as new procedures were not easy to implement. A good example to be given is the conversion of quantity into quality. The earning were drastically reduced and as little pesticides as possible where used.  Also the grape harvest should get some special attention, where it is meticulously ensured that only the best grapes are going into the destemmer. Sepp introduced a new wine-press process. Until today it is still a secret, as after the grape harvest it is only him who creates the wine.